Craft Beers

At Big Gary’s Discount Liquors, we know that you’re looking for a flavor that’s beyond the ordinary – and we want to help you find it. Whether you prefer Belgian ales, IPAs, sour beer, stout, pilsner, or lager, we have a beer that fits the bill.


What’s more, we want to help you find beers that you can’t find anywhere else! Big Gary’s Discount Liquors has regular tasting events and discounts on new distributors so that you can explore the expanding universe of beer and find something new and delicious.


If you have your heart set on a brew that we don’t currently stock, we’ll happily order it for you. If you need to order large quantities for a celebration, we will gladly set you up with as many kegs and six-packs as you need!


  • Thimble Island – Ghost Island IPA
  • New England Brewing – Sea Hag
  • Collective Arts – new one every week, currently at #10
  • Lawson - Sip of Sunshine
  • Maine Brewing Company - Moe
  • Two Roads – Too Juicy
  • Grey Sail - Captain’s Daughter
  • New England Brewing Company
  • Wachussett – Wachussett Blueberry
  • Thomas Hooker – Double IPA & Super Double Citra
  • Troegs – Troegantor & Perpetual
  • Dogfish Head – 90 Minute IPA
  • Founders Brewing Co- Barrel Aged Series: KBS Flavored Stout
  • Alagash – White


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